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Dots Montessori is an open environment that offers infinite possibilities. Each possibility is like a dot and every child has the freedom to choose the dots that they like to create their own path and plan the course of their journey.


I touch…I see…I find…I learn…

Dots was born from the desire to celebrate a child's unique ability to learn. Children like to touch, feel and explore to see what they can find. They like to smell odd things. They often pick up words that they were not meant to hear. Scientists, artists and philosophers have often expressed the desire to be able to think and live like a child. We nurture a child's individuality and allow them to discover the world at their own pace. Each child has a different way of being a child; we just pay attention.


I wish someone can find what I can do best.

Many of us go through our entire lives without ever tapping into our true potential. We've wished that we knew what we could do best when we were children. If a person is able to discover their strengths at an early age they can focus on growing their abilities. And that is exactly what we do at Dots: It's a journey of discovery.


Rewinding to a simpler time.

We are reviving a simpler life at Dots by allowing children to enjoy working on the floor, without footwear, playing in the sun and the sand. We celebrate all the traditional festivals of India, giving our children the essence of our multidimensional culture. The children enjoy rewinding to older games and traditions like lagori, hopscotch, hide and seek, story time with grandma, so children can experience the joys of childhood that are lost and forgotten.


Happy experiences

We have always imagined Dots to be a place which exuberates joy and happiness. A place where children and adults come together to promote freedom of learning. We have observed children derive happiness out of simple yet basic experiences. We trust that anything related to children can be learned from children.

Vission and Mission


Help children map their journey called ‘life’ by following their unique abilities and guiding them through their challenges using the Montessori philosophy of learning.

Child: Our central theme are our children. All actions will be directed towards the benefit of each and every child. When in confusion we always ask “What needs to be done to benefit our child?”


Helping map their journey: We as adults, provide a nurturing environment to enable children achieve every little milestone. It could be social skills, dance, songs, expressing opinions…finding that passion…or everything and anything else that a child wants to achieve.


Follow the child: All children are special. Each one of them have something so unique. We try to follow this unique ability and let them bring out the best. Each child has a different way of being a child; we just pay attention.


Guide through challenges: While we focus on strengths, we also help children understand and accept the challenges they face. We work in collaboration with parents to help overcome them slowly and steadily without enforcing the child.


Montessori philosophy: We do all of these using the magical Montessori method which allows children to follow their passion, get independent, yet be caring, peaceful and much more. This method displays a fine balance of experiences, skills, academics and values.



Light Trail
June 2012
First centre commences
Nov 2012
Teacher training institute
Oct 2014
New premise @Kudlu
Mar 2015
First batch of level 3, graduated
Dec 2015
Touched our first 100 child enrollment