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What we do can be simple and extraordinary at the same time.

Each child has a different way of being a child; we just pay attention

Montessori Levels

*Age calculated as of 31 May

Pre-mont (M0)
2 to 3 years
9 am to 12:00 pm
Level 1 (M1)
3 to 4 years
9 am to 12:00 pm
Level 2 (M2)
4 to 5 years
9 am to 12:00 pm
Level 3 (M3)
5 to 6 years
9 am to 01:30 pm

Montessori Work Schedule



Montessori work II Circle Time II Snack time II Montessori Plus


Theme Activities II Experience Days

Our Special days

Birthday Celebrations II Festival Celebrations II National Celebrations

Montessori Plus

Music II Sports II Dance II Outdoor II Nature Walk II Show and Tell II Cooking

Daily Schedule:

Our day begins with meditation time followed by morning prayer. Then comes Circle time, when the children engage in exercises, calendar (a discussion of the day, date and month), weather (what the weather is like that day and which season it is), songs and rhymes, concept discussions, and theme-related activities. The children are then free to pick activities of their choice, followed by individual and group demonstrations by the adult in the environment. The children may take a brief; 15-minute snack break any time during Montessori hours (Mostly around 10.30 am). Our children enjoy 30 minutes of one of the scheduled Montessori plus activity everyday which includes Music, Sports, Dance, Outdoor time, Nature walk, Show and Tell, and Cooking

Monthly Activities:

Our monthly activities include

  • Theme based activities: We choose ten themes over the year and each month we introduce concepts and understanding of the theme with some interesting and enjoyable activities. To illustrate if we have water as our theme, we could introduce an activity of how to purify water or water cycle.

  • Experience based activities: We believe children need experiences at this absorbent age – something they can touch, see, feel and learn so they last a lifetime. At Dots, we changed the format of taking children to fieldtrips and instead gave them experiences inside and outside the environment. Some of the Experience Day’s include - Getting the pets to our environment for our children to touch and play with them and understand how they need to be taken care of. On a different occasion we took our children to post office to experience writing, posting and receiving letters. They have built their own nature gardens as a team and understood every aspect of gardening right from the sowing of seeds to what goes into it and the tools that are used for gardening. There are many more such experiences we would like to bring to our children.



Special Days:

Our children look forward to our special days


Birthdays – Our children celebrate their special day the Montessori way. They go around the sun along with the globe as many times as their age and the guide narrates a beautiful story of the child as sent by the parent. Birthday sweets are shared with friends and teachers. We encourage home-made Indian sweets. It is such a joy to watch our children feel so excited and elevated while taking a round and listening to little things about themselves. This happiness is the best gift for our special days such as birthdays.


Festivals – We celebrate all major Indian festivals. Alongside the food and dressing up, we promote an understanding and tolerance of other cultures, rituals, ceremonies and traditions. Teaching children about other cultures and their festivals can help build a more peaceful world. If the deeper meaning and importance of each festival is explained to the child, he or she will grow knowing the true meaning and follow our tradition in its true essence ...


National Celebrations – It is with equal enthusiasm that we celebrate all our National days. Our children enjoy the feeling of being united in a diverse and culturally rich country. It is crucial for our young citizens to understand the importance of the each of our national days as much as our festivals. We truly believe that as they turn to be adults each one of them will be fine citizens who will bring in positive changes to our nation.


Parent Guidelines

Dots Montessori strongly believes in self-paced learning, freedom, independence, mixed age learning and environment. It is important that parents share our philosophy so that both the home and the school can work together in the interest of the child. We recommend parents seeking admission in Dots Montessori to read these guidelines to help the child get benefited from our Montessori environment.

On First Day of School for Pre Montessori parents

Be strong,accept that your child will take some time.

Food & toilet training will happen eventually.

Stick to the routine of getting your child every day to school.

Children may fall sick once you begin school.

Leave your child at the gate from the first day.

Once you say good-bye, leave promptly.

Walk your child till the gate.

Do not peep into the classrooms.

Parent Pickup and Drop guidelines

Parent drop between 8:50 to 9:10 am

    Stay in the car / scooter before the turning at the exit.

    Our staff will pick the child and the bag.

    Take the immediate right and proceed to the exit - no halting beyond 30 seconds.

    Avoid traffic congestion in the layout.

    If required to park please follow the security guard’s instructions.


Parent pick up

    Park without blocking the driveway in the adjacent lanes.


    Opt for school transport (0 to 0.5 km).

    Carry the authorization card at all times.

​​Items to be brought to school

Label all the items sent.

An extra pair of clothes should be in the bag always.

Provide a napkin for food.

Provide a napkin for runny nose (to be tied or pinned on T-shirts).

Make your child wear easy-to-wear shoes.

Dress your child in season appropriate clothes.

Training pants for Pre Mont and Level 1 children only during settling period.

Strictly no toys to be sent unless asked for.

Avoid expensive jewellery.

Please return things which do not belong to your child the following day.

Lost and found items will be available every term during parent meetings.

​Meals and Snacks to be brought to school

Steel water bottles and steel snack boxes are mandatory. A napkin Send Healthy, vegetarian snacks (Avoid processed and packed food like juices/biscuits).

Child-size portions are recommended. Send food that enables the child to eat independently.

Snack break for 20 minutes and Lunch break (applicable for Level 3 and After School Children only) for 30 mins. We do not believe in force-feeding a child who is refusing to eat.

Unfinished portions and unhealthy food will be sent back.

Food allergies need to be informed in advance.

In case a parent forgets to send snacks or if unhealthy food is sent we will arrange for fruit which will be chargeable.

Kindly provide easy-to-operate and leak-proof bottles.

For birthday celebrations only dry Indian sweets preferably homemade (eg. peda, burfi, sonpapdi, jamun, chikkis, etc. ) Celebrating by sweet distribution is not mandatory.

Health and Hygiene

A sick child needs rest at home.

Rule of thumb to attend school will be 24 hours without medication.

If the child falls sick during the school hours, we will notify the parents.

Toilet training will be taken up in phases and parents are expected to co-operate.

We do not permit physical aggression such as pushing, biting, hitting, etc.

We immediately intervene and if necessary the guide may refrain a child to ensure safety, this will last only as long as required.


Accidents and Injuries

If a child is hurt, the parents will be informed immediately over a call.

In case of serious injuries, the child will be rushed to the nearest hospital by the school.

Uniform and dress code

Children to be dressed in Dots t-shirt from Monday to Thursday.

Casual coloured clothing on Friday’s, Birthday’s, Festivals and special Events.

Ensure your child is neatly dressed, hair combed, nails clipped, and in comfortable lowers (tracks or shorts).

Additional T-shirts and bags available at school for purchase anytime of the year.


Safety and well-being of child is very important to us.

Our centres are under CCTV surveillance.

We have parents card system in place.

All our environment rooms are designed keeping child safety in mind.

Our staff documentation includes police verification.

We have an auto door lock facility for safety of children. No child can exit the centre without adult supervision.

Our premises are fire safety certified.

We have female support staff from Dots for transport.

We have security personnel safe guarding our people and premises at all times.

​We have zero tolerance when it comes to safety of our children and staff.

We request parents to immediately inform us in case they find any lapses.

We emphasize Dots team is pledged to keep children and staff safe.

Transportation Guideline

The van service is run by Dots and managed by Mr Karthick Urs.

For safety reasons, no transport will be provided without transport registration forms.

Payments to be made for the complete term.

In case of any delay you will receive a message or call.

Kindly bear with any inconvenience caused during the first few days.

The van will wait for only a minute.

If the child misses the van, drop off arrangements has to be made by the parents.

Inform the transport coordinator by 7:30 am (on the transport number) if your child will not be attending school on a particular day.

If the pickup person is not authorised as per the card issued, the child will be brought back to school.


Communication and Technology Interfaces

Digital social media

Being a Pre Primary school we understand the need for regular communication. To enable quick and clear communication between parents and school authorities we have developed appropriate communication portals.

Dots Montessori provides multiple forums for open communication between parents and school authorities. We request parents to understand these communication guidelines and reach us in case of any clarifications.

Parents Communication Guidelines:

Any important information to be provided to our Admin (Single point of contact).

Any changes in the address and contact details, to be informed in the office.

Visitors / Parents are advised to take prior appointments.

Messages at the gate during drop off have to be filled in the communication register at the gate.

We suggest you inform us about any changes in the family that may affect the child emotionally.

Any discussions about the child should be only with the guides and preferably on prior appointment.

Teachers will be available on call, after school hours, between 1:30 to 2:30 pm only.

Appointments with the respective class teacher can be given with prior notice.

Teacher's Feedback and discussion Forum:

Two child observations are scheduled for the year.

Two parent-teacher meetings are scheduled in the year.

Mandatory Parent orientations are held at the beginning of the academic session.

Two Parent workshops are conducted in the year on topics related to Children.

The open house is held for Parents to understand the working of a Montessori environment.


CoolG App

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Whats App



Fee Payment

Fee payments are to be made using our payment gateway - Billdesk

   Secure, easy, and simple mode of payment.

   Payments can be made using net banking or debit card or credit card facility.

   SMS and E-mail link will be sent for payments.

   An instant online receipt will be generated and sent to the registered e-mail id.


Montessori fee payment schedule: April and October

Transport fee payment schedule: April and October

School Care fee payment schedule: Quarterly

Teacher Training fee payment schedule: June or November

Late payments will be chargeable.

Fee payments once made will not be refunded.

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