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And Still, I rise...

Imagine a bird learning to fly.

No, the hatchlings are not born with the ability to fly, they need to persevere and learn.
It demands will and untiring determination to take the first leap.
Inevitably, they fall. Crashing to the ground for the first few times.
Yet, they must rise again, climb up and take the plunge.

Engulfed in these thoughts engendered the idea of dedicated perseverance Dot's children have earned accolades in growing years. Here are a few glimpses of our children's achievements.....

Saadhya Roy
Graduating Batch of 2015

Bethany High - Sarajapur

Saadhya Roy_edited.jpg

2015-16: Excellence in Academics

2016-17: Very Good Orator
2017-18: Third place in creative writing


Ishitha Baikunje
Graduating Batch of 2016

Harvest International School


2016-17: Best Behaviour

2017-18: Second Place in English Poem Recitation
2018-19: First in HandWriting


Tanvi Kampani
Graduating Batch of 2017

New Jersey, USA


Winner of U.S. court of appeals for the Rule of Law essay contest, one of eight from more than 250 entries in the Newark Vicinage


Ruhi Vinit
Graduating Batch of 2019

Silver Oaks International 


2019-20: Silver Medal in Sports

2019-20,20-2021,2021-22: Best Speaker


Nikshita Ramagiri
Graduating Batch of 2019

The Accord School, Tirupati

Nikshita Ramagiri_edited.jpg

2022: Student Of The Year


Amitha Aji
Graduating Batch of 2015

St. Patrick's School


2016-17: Third Place in SpellBee

2017-18: First Place in Mental Math
2017-18: Bronze Medal for IEO


Vedanth Chandramouli
Graduating Batch of 2017

Harvest International School


2017-18: Excellence in Academics 

2017-18: Individual Championship at Annual Athletics Meet
2018-19: School, Zonal, International IEO


Amritanshu Praveen
Graduating Batch of 2018

Cambridge Public School


2018-19: Certificate of Zonal Excellence 

2018-19: Certificate of Distinction in SOF
2018-19: IEO  School Rank 3, Zonal Rank 19, International 19

Zara D'Souza
Graduating Batch of 2019

Georgia, USA


2019-20: Silver Medal in Sports

2022: Student Of The Month (October)

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