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  • What is the admission Process and what are the documents required for it?
    Step 1: Register online : Online Registration Form Step 2: Wait for call from office for an interaction date Step 3: School visit, Tour and Interaction Step 4: Admission on availability of seats Documents required: Copy of birth certificate, copy of aadhar, copy of vaccination provided, 5 passport photos of child, 5 stamp size photos of child, 2 passport photos of parents and guardians.
  • Where we can we buy uniform, bag and shoes from?
    We provide uniform on orientation day. All types of shoes are allowed . Uniform and school bags are available in school through the year
  • When are admissions open?
    Admissions are open through the year based on seat availability. If not, you will be directed as to the further steps of action.
  • When can we visit the campus?
    We are open for school visits from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on weekdays.
  • What are the next steps after submission of registration form?
    A payment gateway link will be sent to your email and your phone number as an SMS. Select net banking or virtual account for payment.
  • Is the registration fee refundable?
    It is a non refundable, onetime payment.
  • When is the school fee due?
    We collect fees term wise. We have 2 terms, the first term fee will be collected in April of the respective academic year and the second term fee will be collected in October of the same year.
  • Are you a pre-primary school?
    Yes, We are a pre-primary Montessori school and we have till Montessori 3 level which is equivalent to senior pre-primary.
  • What is the teacher student ratio per class?
    Class strength is 35 and we will have 2 adults and a support staff in each environment.
  • Does the school provide stationary and notebooks?
    Yes. It is included in the fee.
  • What is the parent communication system used?
    WhatsApp and Coolg are 2 communication portals that we use. WhatsApp for instant and short communications Coolg for reports, assessment, notices, SMS, circulars, holiday calendar etc.
  • Does the school provide transport?
    Yes. Availability depends on vacancy and the zones provided by our vendor. Please check our transport FAQs section for more details.
  • What are the school timings?
    M0, M1, M2 – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. M3 – 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Can we avail meals from School?
    meals outsourced to vendor so parents need to coordinate with vendor for the same.
  • What are the different levels in Montessori and what are the age criteria?
    M0 (Pre-Mont/Playgroup )- 2 years as of 31st May M1 (nursery) – 3 years as of 31st May M2 (equivalent to junior pre-primary) – 4 years as of 31st May M3 (equivalent of senior pre-primary) – 5 years as of 31st May
  • What is the Methodology of teaching followed?
    We follow the Montessori Philosophy.To understand in detail visit our Montessori Program Page.
  • Are all the teachers certified?
    Yes, all our teachers are Montessori Certified.
  • What are the extra activities that take place in school for the child?
    Children participate in extra activities like music, dance, craft, nature walks, experience days etc.
  • Will a Montessori child be able to cope with grade 1 transition?
    There is no doubt about it. Also, at Dots Montessori, our graduating batch children have extended hours which give them a heads up on the classroom sessions at primary schools. To understand in detail, visit our Next Leap page.
  • Are Montessori children slow or bad in their writing skills?
    It is a myth. Montessori children well equipped and prepared to write as well their counterparts . They even write complete sentences in cursive.
  • Does Montessori suit children with special needs?
    Yes. It compliments ongoing therapies.
  • How often do we have observations and parents meetings?
    Observations and parent- teacher meetings happen once every term.
  • How is the settling down phase of the child handle?
    For the first week the child will be in school for just an hour everyday and parents are expected to drop the child off at the gate and wait at the gate for the hour. The hours will be gradually increased till the child settles. ( this is applicable to M0/Pre-Mont children)
  • Is this a certificate course or a Diploma course?
    It is a certificate course, which is valid PAN India. This early childhood learning course caters to children between the age group of 3yrs to 6yrs.
  • What is the duration of the course?
    It is a 5 month course covering the 6 modules of Montessori. The assessments will be conducted after the completion of each module, followed by 3 months of paid internship.
  • What is the eligibility criteria to join the course?
    The eligibility criteria is any graduate degree or above.
  • What are the benefits of the course?
    This program is suitable for mothers and other seeking a career in education industry. This program primarily focuses on tried and tested methods of training and guiding children aged between 0yrs to 6yrs. The additional benefits of the course include, yoga, IT and nutrition workshops.
  • When Can I join and what are the timings?
    We have 2 batches in a year, June and November. The timings are 9:30am to 12:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  • How Old is the institute?
    Dots Kudlu Teacher Training Institute was formed in 2013. Dots Haralur Teacher Training Institute will commence from June 2019.
  • How many have been trained in the institute so far?
    We have had almost 100 plus students trained in our institute.
  • Where is the institute located?
    We have two centres– Kudlu and Haralur. The institute is located at the premises of Dots Montessori school at both centres. for exact location ,check our Centre page.
  • Do you provide placements?
    We have placed our students in prestigious institutions.
  • When should payment for the course be made?
    Payments should be done as a one-time full payment, before the start of the course .
  • What are the day care timings?
    The day care starts at 12:00pm to 6:00pm. Our day care starts post Montessori classes, from Monday to Friday.
  • What is the age criteria for Daycare?
    The eligibility age criteria is between 3yrs to 8yrs.
  • What are the activities done in Day care?
    They have one indoor activity and one outdoor activity each day. Indoor activities include craft, storytelling, music, dance, cooking activities and colouring. Outdoor activities include free play, games etc
  • Can I avail meals for my child in Day care?
    meals outsourced to vendor so parents need to coordinate with vendor for the same.
  • Is there transport facility?
    We will provide a drop facility at scheduled hours, however,for after school children we cannot provide a pick up.
  • When and how can we make the Day care payments?
    The day care payments are to be made every quarter and the fee link will be sent through our payment gateway fonepaisa.
  • What are the Day care hours/packages?
    We have various packages depending on the number of hours selected. We have 0-2 hours, 2-4 hours and 4-6 hour packages.
  • When are the day care holidays?
    The day care holidays are available on our parent portal – CoolG.
  • Does the school transport have CCTV?
    Yes, but we do not provide live streaming.
  • Does the school transport have GPS facility?
    Internal GPS facility is available.
  • What are the Pickup and Drop timings?
    School transport facilities are provided through a specialized third-party agency. The details of pick and drop will be shared to the parent during enrolment.
  • When and how are payments be made?
    Payments have to be made term wise via a link sent through our payment gateway fonePaisa. Check our Parent Guidelines for more details on payment.
  • What are the other safety measures taken for transport?
    Apart from CCTV and GPRS facility, our Vendor has adhered to all license policies and the drivers and support staff have been police verified.
  • Do u have transport POC number?
    The contact will be provided at school to every parent who registers for transport.
  • Is there helper in the van?
    Yes, we have a helper in the Van.
  • If child is late to board the school van , will it wait in the morning?"
    We do not wait for more than 2 minutes as this will further delay all other pick ups.
  • Do you have CCTV?
    Yes. It is provided in each environment.
  • Does the school have uniform and is it provided in school?
    Yes, we have uniform T.Shirts and it is provided in School. Monday to Thursday, the child has to be in Dots T.shirt and Friday’s are casual dress days.
  • What are safety measures taken in school?
    CCTV Police verification of all staff Security guard at the gate Auto Door Lock system All women staff within the premises. Fire Safety precautions pickup authorization card.
  • Do you provide daycare services?
    Yes, we provide daycare services commencing from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Please check our daycare page for more details.
  • Will my child be fed and toilet trained?
    We don’t believe in force feeding a child. We encourage the child to eat and try to feed the child, but only to a point where the child is willing to consume the food. We believe that toilet training is a two way process that has to be incessantly practiced at home and at school side by side. The child will be encouraged to use the rest room every half hour and we are prepared for accidents. We expect an extra pair of clothes to be packed in the school bag every day.
  • How do you handle accidents?
    Small mishaps are immediately reported to the parent and first aid is provided at school. For major accidents, the child is immediately rushed to the emergency and parents are informed to reach the hospital.
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