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Next Leap after passing from Dots


Transition from Montessori Early years to

Primary Schooling


Transition to mainstream schools and ability of the child to adapt to new environment always remains a concern for many parents and teachers. Montessori schools focus on building self-motivation, coping skills to deal with situations and strong sense of respect and responsibility, helps every child to adopt and adapt to new environment. We have observed that Early Montessori education helps children to perform better in regular mainstream schools


In terms of socialization, the child definitely gets wary of leaving the familiar classroom, the loving guide and schoolmates as well as the school building, materials, playground etc. which they get attached to over time. However, Montessori educated children have learned the core values of respect for self, respect for others and respect for environment. The mixed-age-group classrooms have allowed them to interact with more diverse social circle than most other kids their age. Again these skills help them transition well to regular mainstream schools.

Montessori students demonstrate a greater sense of fairness and justice. They tend to choose positive responses for dealing with social dilemmas, thus helping them extremely well as they move into their new classroom and begin making friends. Once child is able to make friends, which is being able to adapt to environment socially, we can safely declare completion of transition to new environment.

With a thousand enrolments since 2012, our students join established schools of Bangalore on completion of their Montessori Program. Each student is guided and groomed by our trained Montessori staff.

Next Leap

  • Easy adjustment to mainstream schooling: We ensure every small aspect of traditional schooling is known or introduced to the child like sitting at one place for 45 minutes at a stretch, reproducing content from the board, making diary notes, seeking permission to drink water and visit the washroom, etc…

  • Associations with schools: We have close to 15 associations with school nearby to help parents have a varied choice while choosing an appropriate school for their child.

  • Extended school hours in the last year: To get our children accustomed to the longer hours we have extended hours in the last year of their Montessori Program with us. This helps them cope better with another big change.

  • Annual school showcase: Every year we help our parents with data of close to 50 schools in and around our school along with the details of the school like - fee, curriculum, distance, contact details, etc… We also provide an insight on various curricula (ICSE, CBSE, IB, IGCSE). This is conducted well before the admission process kicks off in most schools.


We take every step to ensure our children move into their elementary schooling journey with the least effort. A systematic feedback system allows us to help every batch of children moving to new schools. We can therefore comfortably conclude that our children will continue to have a seamless transition year after year.




The Cambridge International School(TCIS)

Oakridge International School

Redbridge International Academy

Smriti Academy

Aurinko Academy

Mount Litera Zee school

Silver oaks International School

Kunskapskolen Foundation

Treamis world school

​Harvest International School

Primus Public School

Sri Sri Ravishankar vidya Mandir

The world school



Pep school V2

Asia Pacific World School

Glen Tree Academy


Sandhya Sasidharan

No frills, no gimmicks, no speeches. Dots only had people with passion .

Sujata Mishra

exceeded my expectations through their professionally managed Montessori program

Ushasi Sen Basu

I have seen her blossom into a confident young girl after 3 years

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